Disney’s PATA to CAST

Disney acronyms
Disney hiring acronyms.

Reflected on my wife’s illustrious 35-year Disney career. After her first year, she then spent 34+ years in Disney Human Resources.

Ten consecutive years in Disney Casting. Casting is the outside world’s equivalent to an Employment/Hiring department.

She was the Casting Operations Area Manager when we opened the brand new Casting Center along Interstate 4 in 1989.

During the next two decades, the hourly Cast hiring interviewers used an acronym to ensure they consistently covered the same four non-negotiables with every applicant. At one point, the acronym changed – why it took so long is anyone’s guess. Note the content didn’t change, just the way we remember it.

Disney’s PATA to CAST


  • Pay
  • Appearance
  • Transportation
  • Availability


  • Compensation
  • Appearance
  • Scheduling
  • Transportation

Change what you see and what you see changes.

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Disney’s secret strategy for having great employees

Human resources secrets weapon
Screen shot from LinkedIn


No one outside of Disney wants to believe it’s this simple.

Do you want happy, friendly, outgoing employees serving your customers?

Then hire happy, friendly, outgoing people.

You can tell if they are in the first 10 seconds you meet them.

PS. You can hire people who are not outgoing, and their place in your organization will be better suited for back-of-the-house (no-Guest-contact) positions. You want people in front of your customers and patients who are a natural, unforced, fit.

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Bet You Have It Too

Far Away?
Far Away?

Passion.  Bet you have a ton of passion.

Maybe you’re in a job where your passion thrives. Maybe you’re not.

Does passion make for a better worker?

Do you do your best work around something you’re passionate about?

How many leaders are in positions that got them a better title, a better paycheck, better meetings, and better perks, but took them further from their passion?

And then there are people who have found their passion, their dream job, but over the years they have allowed things beyond their control to poison themselves.

Imagine your own situation.

Do you love what you do?

Do you love what you do?

Ever heard, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life?”

I hope you love what you do.  Where I work, we strive to hire people for positions they will most likely enjoy and are naturally suited for.

It’s called “right-fit talent”.

My wife spent ten years in a very large employment office in Central Florida. I conducted hundreds of interviews myself. So, I know the process intimately.

Want a simple answer? One that’s so easy, even a caveman can understand?

Hire people in positions where they “get to do” more than they “have to do”. It’s unsophisticated and maybe even too simple for senior HR professionals who have their own corporate HR jargon.

Do you “get to do” more than you “have to do“? How about the people who work for you and/or report to you?

Make it a GREAT day, because if you don’t, who will? If you’re a leader, the people around you are looking for “cool, calm, collected – optimistic, hopeful, inspiring“. Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂