Einstein Versus jungle jeff

“Problems are never solved by the same level of awareness that created them.”   — Albert Einstein Problems are simply nature’s way of getting our attention. Then it’s up to us to do something.  We almost never do.   – jungle jeff The world is hurting.  It’s the elephant in the room, isn’t it?  Everywhere […]

Self-Evident jungle jeff

“All Truth Passes through three stages: First it is Ridiculed, Second; it is violently opposed, Third; it is accepted as being self evident.” —  Mahatma Gandhi What is self-evident is not yet. The “early adapters” see it, but no one else.

Rosa Parks Was Not, Was She?

Rosa Parks was not out to win a popularity contest.  Was she? She also was not the first to refuse to give up her bus seat for a white man.  But thank goodness she did on December 1, 1955.  She was 42. Where did her courage come from? Why did she demonstrate it? Did she […]

It’s The Worst I’ve Seen

My friend is a small business owner.  He’s been in business for over 30 years.  Yesterday he told me, “This is the worst I’ve seen it”. No one is coming into his store.  He has gotten creative and started, for the first time ever, going out looking for business. If business won’t come to him, […]