Where is Spring Grove?

Where is Spring Grove? For decades, Disney nametags had two images. Mickey Mouse and the Cast Member’s first name. In 1996 at Walt Disney World, we began celebrating our 25th anniversary. Tom Elrod, our Marketing VP, announced that our new nametags would include our hometown. Why? To increase Guest to Cast interaction. “Where’s Spring Grove? […]

Stories Make It Stick

Three things Lee Cockerell told me when I asked his advice on public speaking, in 1999: Be passionate Tell stories Use personal examples Here’s a fourth tip.  Benchmark.  Click here to do that right now. Make your day GREAT.  It’s up to you.  Always has been.  Always will be.  Be inspired. Or not.

On Startups.com

OnStartUps. Ever heard of them?  Click here to see a list of entrepreneurs that are changing things. Many years ago, I found myself driving Ken Blanchard to the airport. We had 30 minutes to talk.  And I was smart enough, even back then, to do most of the listening.  One of the things that has […]