What do you notice and why?

bad show
First thought was, “Really?” Under the yellow sign is the same message.


hospital worker bad show
Kids and their devices these days. i never look for these things. They appear out of nowhere. He had been walking the entire length of the hall, which gave plenty of time to think about snapping a photo. The patient doesn’t know if he’s onstage or backstage – the Disney rule is – if you see Guests, you are onstage.


What do you notice and why?

My job requires me to observe and evaluate.

Constantly, and with great discernment.

That’s what i’m paid to do.

To notice things others can’t or won’t see.

So no, i’m not judging, i’m doing my job, whether i’m on the clock or not.


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Dear Ms. Marisol Fitch (reprise)

Disney Management keynote speaker
January 2016.


Dear Ms. Marisol Fitch (reprise),

If ever you had an easy business decision to make, and one that would come with literally zero risk yet exponentially long-term positive ripple-effect payoff, it’s this one – may i humbly suggest approving Florida Hospital Winter Garden’s request to build a 100-bed Hospital adjacent to their free-standing Outpatient and Emergency Department facility.

i’ve been their patient. i’ve been their business advisor. And my wife and i have lived in Orlando for 32 years. We plan to die here as well. We are invested and committed in the Horizon West community where we’ve lived, six miles from their site, for 25 of those years.

Florida Hospital doesn’t lead the category – they ARE the category. A category of one.

“The skill to heal. The spirit to care.”

The skill to heal is fundamentally what all hospitals do and technology narrows the gap between competitors.

The spirit to care is where Florida Hospital clearly outdistances all others.


“To extend the healing ministry of Christ.”

If i had a wish for my community, it’s that all living in Horizon West would have the option to experience remarkably compassionate care.


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Those thousands of Disney photos are great memories

Disney Institute classroom table cloth
A professional speaker’s office is a classroom or convention hall.


Tomorrow is the big day. Second audio visual check today. The one yesterday was helpful, but wasn’t in the exact room.

Today’s will be.

Presenters are the first ones in the room and the last to leave.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the one above stimulates wonderful memories of doing work that matters with people dedicated to making (business) dreams come true.

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It’s either no big deal or potentially a heart attack

IV catheter


(photo above: The Dr Phillips Hospital ER department moved remarkably fast. It was delightfully surprising.)


In room X-ray machine


(photo above: In room X-ray machine… chest X-ray this time)


CT scanner at Dr Phillips Hospital ER


(photo above: getting ready for four different CT scans last night)

The triage EKG was ‘cloudy’, meaning it was abnormal. The good news is it wasn’t threatening. Blood was drawn simultaneously.

Then escorted to ER room #24. It had a private bathroom. Living the dream or beginner’s luck? Luck.

After an in-room chest X-ray, was wheeled down the hall for CT scans of the brain, neck, spine, lungs, and heart.

The catheter proved handy for injecting the dye for one scan in particular.

Once again, our thinking is either panic, denial, or strength.

Going with strength.

Final answer.

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