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We worked at Disney’s Contemporary Resort back in the 1980’s

Disney's first Hotels under construction.
Had never seen a photo of this until the Facebook Group.


The Disney heritage stories are as common as the prolific sable palm trees (the Florida State Tree). The vintage Disney photos are often rare. Never saw the photo above until yesterday on the Facebook group, “We worked at the Contemporary back in the ’80’s“.

The Hotel rooms were constructed offsite, but still on Disney Property, by US Steel, in a modular fashion and literally slid into the large A-Frame structure.

The room construction was rumored to be so complete that the carpet was installed and even the light bulbs were screwed into the lamps.

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It's Not Over Rated

Road trip to North America’s most extraordinary beachfront lifestyle

email from The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
Middle paragraph, 1st sentence…


Road trip in a few hours. A 2.5 hour drive from Walt Disney World Resort. Back home tomorrow after a 60-minute keynote.

Writing daily, and extensively, and tirelessly, helps a professional speaker in a way that only those that do the same can understand.

Sound boastful?


It’s merely a statement of massive effort to bring art to the audience. Art that has a much greater propensity to transform than much less prepared, going-through-the-motions-because-I-am-busy presentation ever will.

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