So What?

A riff from Hugh MacLeod about the zen of mastering your art

Making the case for finding the one thing you do better than anyone else.

Hugh MacLeod, an artist and messenger who started creating art on the back of business cards years ago, wrote a significant blog post, The Mastery Riff, last year.



Yes of course, this is scary.

So is not pursuing it.

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Blogging in your underwear

Hugh MacLeod, is an artist. No, I mean a brilliant artist. No, not Michelangelo. Different. It’s the different approach that makes him brilliant. Hugh creates art on the back of business cards, or anything else that suits him or his audience.

If you’ve never tried blogging…who’s fault is that?

His new book, freedom is blogging in your underwear comes out his month.

“The Gatekeeper” – Freedom Is Blogging In Your Underwear by @gapingvoid from Gapingvoid on Vimeo.

Am I The Only One?

Patiently Impatient

Sit Back & Relax Until It's Over?
Sit Back & Relax Until It's Over?

How’s your patience level these days?

Are you comfortable with the pace of positive change, positive progress?

I’m not.

Sometimes, I just want to shout, “Wake up!”

But now, more than ever, is a great time to play it safe, unless your name is Seth Godin or Hugh MacLeod.

Do You Know Next?

What's Next?
What's Next?

Everyone has special gifts they bring to the table, value they add to their organization

Often, for myriad reasons, these gifts, these talents, go unnoticed.


Because the employee’s gift is so different from the status quo that it looks crazy. ┬áMoronic. ┬áMaybe even stupid.

Just like Hugh MacLeod stated a few days ago.