Do Not Pass Go

Men vs women

Passing through here this morning on the way to Baltimore.

Man is old when he begins to hide his age; woman, when she begins to tell hers.  – Oscar Wilde


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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Where he’s from there are three kinds of people

Screen capture of handy everyday apps


(photo: screen shot of helpful everyday apps, including a calculator)

Where he’s from there are three kinds of people. Those that can count, and those that can’t.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Sarcasm is good?

Funny, sarcastic gifts


(photo: one of hundreds of funny, sarcastic gifts in a Sanibel Island gift shop)

Sarcasm is humorous because of the truth behind it.

Truth is hard to argue with.

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Blogging & Social Media

Dear readers, it certainly is not a secret, but…

Social media tips and tricks. There’s a time and a place for humor hashtags, right?



Walt Disney said, “Laughter is no enemy to learning”.

I like Walt. Many do. And I like him so much I started working for him January 25, 1982.

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jungle jeff Mental Floss

Here’s some jungle jeff mental floss to clear you mind.

A friend sent this You Tube Video:

  1. It’s short
  2. It’s professionally done
  3. It’s not what you normally expect from me

I know, you’re too busy to click on the play button:

What are you sinking about?  Carpe diem.  🙂