What is career hunger?

Ants devouring dead frog on road


(photo: Hungry ants devouring road kill frog… the ants are in a frenzy to succeed)

Career hunger.

Is it the hunger for more money?

The hunger to prove our worth?

Is it a hunger akin to wanting to contribute to society in a meaningful, authentic way?

Because we spend such a disproportionately large portion of our lives working, not satisfying this hunger is dangerous.

Many of us quit, and stay, for decades.

Is this a self-imposed prison?

Does it devour our soul?

Is it a catalyst to become the artist we were born to be?

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When We Get Older

When we get older we confuse boredom with hunger. We’re bored, so we eat.

In our youth, it’s reversed – we confuse hunger with boredom.

In the first, we drift so far away from our best, we can’t recall the last time we were great.

In the latter, we are so hungry to do something great, but lack confidence and skill. So we get bored being ordinary and blending in, quit, and take our place in the line labeled mediocre.

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