You’re a criminal, right?

Jafar eventually reaped what he had sown. Same with Ali.

When you speed, are you doing it because you love driving fast or because you are desperately trying to save a few minutes since you need those few minutes to keep your day from unraveling?

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It just doesn’t feel right does it?

Orlando Inspirational keynote Speakers


(photo: Yesterday before sunrise. Coming home from dropping Cheryl off at airport. The truck’s tagline is inspiring.)

Probable tag line for

.lead .differently

Challenging the status quo. Almost always at the chagrin of authority.

It would be easier, of course, to simply accept the critical mass (momentum) of the herd – aka status quo.

The way we’ve always done things.



Go with the flow.

Nothing wrong with these things.

Unless you talk all the time about innovation.

Then you sort of suck if you don’t actually challenge everything.

Taking risks is risky. So is playing it safe.

But it just doesn’t feel right.

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One said then the other thought (a little riff)

plate full of fancy chocolates
Leadership is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.


Business Consultants see this all the time…

Leadership is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

One said…

It’s a little bit like a fox in the hen house.

Another one thought, You’re kidding right… you cannot be serious?

Too much preaching and not enough practicing makes a leader ineffective.

How toxic is ineffective leadership?

Just ask the team. They’ll tell you.

Genuine listening implies acting on the most important, overwhelmingly recognizable issues.

And maybe there is one singular issue that has the power to be the game changer.

Then the constituents wait. And wait. And wait.


Because the people who make the rules have an extraordinary opportunity to lead in an admirable way, and to live by the rules they proclaim.

Otherwise, it’s just another in a long list of busy (and successful, depending on the metrics used) managers talking a great talk.

So the constituents wait for different behaviors that will be easily identifiable.

The behaviors demonstrating commitment, and integrity.

And some leaders wonder why there is silence when they ask for feedback.

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Lots of eyes on professional speakers, and copious opportunity for feedback

Row of wireless lavalieres
Lots of eyes on professional speakers, and copious opportunity for feedback


It’s remarkable how much we crave (and probably expect) feedback from others, especially those we work with.

If we did an inventory of how often we initiate and share the same with those we expect it from, who’s leading the way?

Us, or others?

Better be us, no?

It’s lonely isn’t it?

Do it anyway.

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Career sound bite yesterday

jeff noel sitting in IZOD Center
Much of life is spent waiting for someone else to go first


Career sound bite yesterday:

You go first.

One of the biggest, most overlooked opportunities in business?

Celebrating the success of others.

We know this, yet secretly want everyone else to pay us a compliment first.

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