Anyone Else Think Like This?

Joyful and intense curiosity

Joyful and intense curiosity in the form of idea generation and risk-taking can lead to radical transformation.

Imagine going from Mid Life Crisis to Mid Life Celebration.

Imagine transforming from going the extra mile to going the extra inch.

How we verbalize things is how we think about things and how we think leads to how we act.

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Blogging & Social Media

Social media has removed any remaining notion of privacy
Privacy and secrets are the big victims (and the big victories) for the idea virus


The spread of ideas can go viral in an instant.

It can enhance political campaigns or ruin them.

Social media doesn’t care what anybody thinks. Social media is a potential force of nature.

And the Internet is on a collision course to redistribute power.

Take the broken customer elevator door at an Orlando parking garage.

Innocent and not uncommon. Things break down.

It’s when something happens beyond the ordinary that any camera can capture. And everyone has a camera.


Social media has removed any remaining notion of privacy.

It can become a beacon or a weapon.

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It's Not Over Rated

You’ve Noticed The Insights Idea?

They call it a balancing act for a reason. It’s difficult. But it shouldn’t stop us from never quitting.

For three years, I’ve slowly evolved my blogging style into what has been described by a former boss as “short and pithy”. The recent addition of “insights” can double each post’s length. The idea leadership mentality has me working overtime to discover how to add more without adding more.

Challenge: How do you add more meaning to your post without adding more words?

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It's Not Over Rated

Idea Leadership And Timeless Insights May Be A Match Made In Heaven

Be prepared. In life. In business. As a parent. As a leader. (it’s all the same thing anyway)

By now many of you know me as The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger and how this was never a goal but simply a 100-day challenge to help my young son. Each morning I write five different blogs about Life’s Big Choices. This daily blogging has gone on for 2 years, 11 months and 3 days…

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It's Not Over Rated

The Thought Of Idea Leadership Is Compelling

Idea leadership leaves no trace. In nature this is good. In business, not so much.

I believe there’s this thing called idea leadership, but it’s either extinct because people got tired of deep thinking, or it strangely appears new because it’s so hard to find, rare even.

The paradox? The risk involved to embrace idea leadership either kills it on the vine from fear, or catapults it forward with unstoppable force from indomitable will.

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