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Ten ideas to unearth writer’s flood content

Disney University hallway
Disney University hallway. Yesterday.


Writer’s block? Here are ten ideas for content:

  1. What you learned yesterday.
  2. What you get to do today.
  3. What you hope for tomorrow.
  4. Obvious or invisible paradox.
  5. Common sense that isn’t common.
  6. Simple questions few can (but should be able to) answer instantaneously and convincingly.
  7. Excuses, regrets, opportunity, second chances, and permission.
  8. Art. Your art. Art the world needs.
  9. Impossible things.
  10. Love.

One day you will suffer from writer’s flood. Please don’t cast blame this way. You’re welcome.

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Emotion Trumps Everything

What’s the advantage of hiring a Disney Institute Customer Service Speaker?

Disney Institute Customer Service Speakers
The advantage is unmatched intimacy and experience.


Where do we find great business ideas in a sea of time-tested information?

While cleaning yesterday, found two old notes written on a post-it:

  1. Consulting ROI.
  2. Disney Institute (DI) Chamber of Commerce.

Unsure of the first one’s meaning. Can guess it’s about how you convince a client your high price is worth it. The second is a spin off of what DI already does with their Sponsorship Series.

What’s the advantage of hiring a Disney Institute Customer Service Speaker?

The advantage is intimacy.

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Being Brave

Thank you Walt Disney for your daily inspiration

Orlando Keynote Speakers


(photo: Keynote speakers need a memorable logo, an apple, a chair, three circles, a swoosh, etc)

Brainstorming comes so naturally to Disney Cast Members. In fact, we don’t even call it brainstorming. It just is. It’s the culture. The way our work gets done. What we think and do, without thinking.

Last night while trying to fall asleep, these ideas popped up:

  • Disruptive speaker with 30 years at Disney.
  • The marketplace’s new best kept secret.
  • World’s preeminent customer experience expert.

Just a few little sparks. Like when Walt was sitting on a (city) park bench thinking there ought to be someplace where children and parents could have fun together – the genesis of Disneyland.

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Brand Loyalty

Many people have much to say about writing a book

Mid Life Celebration book


Many people have much to say about writing a book.

Totally get that.

A friend once said, “Don’t die with a book in you.”

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Common Sense, Not Common

Unconventional and wisdom are generally not linked together

Rice University banner
Unconventional and wisdom are generally not linked together.


The best ideas have to win otherwise good people don’t stay. – Steve Jobs

The obvious temptation is to subscribe to hierarchy, politics, ego, and insecurity.

And if we’re not careful, we aren’t even aware we are subscribing.

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