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The Hardest Working Have A Blog
The Hardest Working Have A Blog

How many of you had any earthly idea that corporate copy machines had hard drives that store a copy of everything copied on that machine?

How many of you care?

Same here. How many of you know I take every picture that’s used on these five blogs? While it isn’t important to a great number of people, if you follow these blogs regularly, you’ll begin to see, that in either case – the copy machine revelation, or the photo revelation – in both cases, it’s pretty amazing and astonishing.

Some of the hardest working people you know, you have no idea how hard they work. And whomever works the hardest, is almost always the one that succeeds.

Where do put yourself on the “hardest working” scale?

Copy Machine Chaos?

You'd Never Suspect This
You'd Never Suspect This

Here’s one more thing to consider in our efforts to fight identity theft. A Canadian friend sent this to me and you ought to consider viewing this video because it will help you understand that company copy machines contain hard drives.

It costs about $500 to upgrade a copier with software that either encrypts the data or erases it. Most organizations won’t spend this kind of dough. Imagine medical, insurance, financial organizations. Imagine social security numbers, addresses, critical information about your accounts.

The video shows the undercover results, and closes with the punch line – a shipment of used copiers is headed to two overseas countries.

How I Beat NY Times to the Story

NY Times March 17, 2010
NY Times March 17, 2010
Privacy Vanishes?
Privacy Vanishes?

What’s one of the most obvious reasons we lack self confidence?

There are a ton to pick from aren’t there?

And it’s human nature to dislike those that have a ton of self-confidence.

How weird is that?  Talk about paradox:

  • We desire self-confidence
  • We strive for self-confidence
  • We hate those that have an abundance

Two weeks ago, on March 16, I wrote a jungle jeff blog post entitled, Privacy Is A Myth.

The very next day, the New York Times posted the above front page article.

We said the same thing.  But I broke the story.

Social Media is here to stay.  Books (sadly) aren’t, and neither is the NY Times.

So, guess this makes me self-confident and antagonistic.