i can’t do your work for you

Disney's Jungle Cruise vision
Walt was such a crazy dreamer that his original vision for Jungle Cruise was only with real animals. This, of course, never happened. Don’t give up on a career dream just because the original vision is “impossible”.


i can’t do your work for you.

Someday, and i hope it doesn’t take you the 40 years it took me to figure it out, you’ll want to sell yourself on the fact that you are the CEO of You, Inc.

When you stop looking for others to change your circumstances and admit it’s your sole responsibility, your transformation will take place in a way you could have never believed possible.

Have fun with it.

Enjoy it.



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Fear’s Antidote Is Courageous, Visionary Leadership

We Know What It Is, But Who's responsible for doing it?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Just use courage and have a grand vision. Really? A clear, concise and compelling vision, coupled with the courage to do the right thing. Confronting fear from all angles, and never quitting, is the only path to victory. Fear hates confrontation.

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What Do These Have In Common?

What do these have in common:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Prime Time TV
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Tabloids
  • Government
  • Newspapers
  • Internet sites
  • Social Media

The list goes on and on.  All of these have pushed society’s buttons on what is acceptable.

Sex, Racism, Prejudice, Greed, Corruption, Religion, Politics, Crudeness, Aggression, Violence.

All of these things or people have pushed the limits of acceptable boundaries.  But it’s Social Media that intrigues me the most.  Why?

  • Because of it’s power to change things
  • Because of it’s ease of use
  • Because of it’s reach
  • Because it’s use is growing exponentially

Except in the corporate landscape.  People who lead big corporations are usually older, and stereotypically, unaware (and maybe intimidated) of emerging social media trends and possibilities.

Where do you fall in this mix?  And, more importantly, what do you plan to do?