Chasing India

bead jar jeff noel
So much commitment, discipline, vision, and forethought. A $10 investment in a bottle and a small bag of plastic beads, and one-hour roundtrip drive to the craft store.


(warning, not short, but certainly pithy)

Seventy-five (75) months without any revenue.

Would you give up?

And spending $1,000 per month, all 75 months – would you stop?

Would you even make it three-plus years (and $36,000 in the hole) like this let alone six-plus years?

This post is also being written on an iPhone as i walk four miles roundtrip to the gym this morning.

Received an email before heading out the door – the Speakers Bureau agent said he is “chasing India”, in response to my request for a client update.

The fee on the table is 1/3 my former annual Disney salary.

For one speech.

So yeah, mind-boggling.

To say a clear, concise, compelling vision is the single most important blueprint in your 19-point organizational architecture, is, well, the understatement of your career.

Without that type of visioning, giving up seems like a viable option after a “reasonable” amount of time.

One of the hells no one knew i was going through (2008-2014) was the uncertain and lonely entrepreneurial journey to start something.

Something that may not work.

Something that may never pay the bills.

And to this very morning, there continues to be no guarantee next year will be a profitable year.


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