Changed? Really?

Hilton by Disney Springs
Yesterday on the way to a client meeting.


Hilton by Disney Springs
Accidental photo – but it does capture the walk.


Hilton by Disney Springs
After the meeting walking back to car.


Hilton by Disney Springs
A photo can capture a lot of information.


Hilton by Disney Springs
The day prior, i taught a room of Healthcare professionals how to draw Mickey Mouse’s head.


Hilton by Disney Springs
Which managers?


Hilton by Disney Springs
A typical Lake Buena Vista Hilton meeting room. i’ve delivered keynote speeches here many times.


Changed? Really?

That’s what i asked, and she said, “Yes”.

We have been in negotiations for over a year. The CEO tapped her to keep it alive a few months ago after he wasn’t able to personally continue with it.

Just from our conversations (which i hadn’t realized were impactful to her), she was influenced to change some key behaviors. And her changes have been incredibly beneficial to her relationships with the eight member executive council, including her CEO.

Insight: You never know the power of a positive ripple effect.




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Ever work invisibly on a game changing idea?

Quote about being a visionary
Photo: an hour ago from a friend’s Facebook update.


Have been working invisibly for the past week to create the right questions and the right vision to help someone who wants to change things.

My mission is to convince him to take an expensive risk that has no guarantee.

Why would anyone spend either side of $250k for something that cannot be guaranteed to work?


Because they want to become the category, not be the best in a category.

Taking risks is risky. So is playing it safe.

If we do nothing, we know what to expect.

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jungle jeff and His Camera

jungle jeff always has a camera in his pocket.  Always.  Well okay, not always.  Not while sleeping.  Who has pockets while sleeping?

Einstein once said, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.”

Writing as the five-a-day blogger, it is a hope that I may become the change I wish to see in the world.

A camera is a helpful tool to capture thoughts and share them in a different way, a visual way.  Expect to see quite a few One-Take-You Tube videos in the next couple days.  Carpe diem!