Being Brave

When we wait for somebody else to change nothing changes.

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I am Disney‘ is a mantra some can say with conviction and from experience (Ideas only Disney can do)


Nothing will change until:

  • leadership approves
  • HR approves
  • finance approves

Sound familiar?

When we wait for somebody else to change nothing changes.

Find an ethical way to do remarkable, amazing things at work that require zero approval, even if they are so small no one on your team notices.


Because your customers will notice, and they deserve remarkable and shouldn’t have to wait for it.

The exception is when you are a start-up and you are building and haven’t yet officially opened your doors.

And if you are the owner of the startup, as you build, be focused on blowing the roof off traditional expectations.

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Could This Change Your Life?

You Have The Power

The most common way people give up their power is to believe they don’t have any.

Read and reread that thought, until you can embrace, and act, on the opposite. You are Mr Incredible, or Miss Incredible.

Not sure what tomorrow, April 1st, holds for jungle jeff and the rest of Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

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Could This Change Your Life?

Get Over It

What grown man carries a Teddy Bear around the world…

Most people don’t believe they are capable of initiative. – Crowdsourcing

You either get over this hurdle or you don’t. What’s liberating about getting over it is the freedom to do the right things for the right reasons. We know these things intuitively, but society beats us down.

I say, fight back – until you triumph.

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You’ll Never Succeed Doing This

It Could Happen
It Could Happen

You Never Succeed By Being A Follower.

There are probably exceptions to this rule, but let’s be real.  The exceptions are just that, exceptions.

Please don’t get me wrong, following is good. And safe. And mostly predictable.

And then there are the questions of when, where, what, how and why?

Whatever it is that is important, should be visualized and evaluated.

Then, there is that simple choice:  Follow or lead.

And in my case, this took a lifetime.

Reason Why People Wait

Note:  I’m talking to the person in the mirror.  Please don’t take this personally.

The reason you wait is because you are afraid.  You are afraid because you are unsure of yourself.  You are unsure of yourself because:

  • You don’t have enough experience
  • You have been burned before
  • Your weaknesses may be exposed
  • You fear rejection
  • You fear failure
  • You may even fear success

Like I said, please don’t take this personally, I’m only talking to the person in the mirror.  Ya with me?