Still can’t turn it off

LinkedIn moment thread screen shot
My thread offered the first caller an opportunity to call me for a free coaching/ask me anything opportunity. On rare occasions when i bicycle, i’ll offer this. It’s a donation of my time and talent. Jumping the shark is derogatory. Ridiculous is self explanatory. Using all caps is LOL really loudly. To which, peacefully, i replied below…
LinkedIn comment thread screenshot
Also at peace knowing that it’s possible to think the funny things C-19 “has us all doing” was (only) my half of this thread.

The insatiable desire to learn and teach is a blessing and a curse.

As i live with peace and contentment, it’s a blessing.

When i stray from peace and contentment, it’s a curse.

Not everyone has an insatiable desire to learn (or teach).

Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Florence Nightingale, Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, the best Grandmothers – they all suffered from envisioning a future not only better than now, but much better.

Impossibly better.

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