Top three biggest career moves jeff noel ever made

Disney Janitor painting a water Mickey Mouse
Teacher – student – living the dream


Top three biggest career moves jeff noel ever made:

  1. Disney World Internship 1982
  2. Walt Disney World fulltime 1984
  3. Stopped pursuing promotional positions 2008

An astonishing discovery. Mastering a job you love and creating art with it is your career’s pinnacle.

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You’ve Noticed The Insights Idea?

They call it a balancing act for a reason. It’s difficult. But it shouldn’t stop us from never quitting.

For three years, I’ve slowly evolved my blogging style into what has been described by a former boss as “short and pithy”. The recent addition of “insights” can double each post’s length. The idea leadership mentality has me working overtime to discover how to add more without adding more.

Challenge: How do you add more meaning to your post without adding more words?

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Proactive Change Often Happens Undetected

The key to progress is getting your personal victories in early. Everyday!

The people who enjoy my five daily blogs the most are the ones who desire to live life in a proactive, not reactive, fashion. It’s a simple, understated elegance that we should live by design rather than by default.

Common sense Insight: Continuously improving – even in small, seemingly insignificant increments – is a key attribute for excellent results, in any endeavor.

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Idea Leadership And Timeless Insights May Be A Match Made In Heaven

Be prepared. In life. In business. As a parent. As a leader. (it’s all the same thing anyway)

By now many of you know me as The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger and how this was never a goal but simply a 100-day challenge to help my young son. Each morning I write five different blogs about Life’s Big Choices. This daily blogging has gone on for 2 years, 11 months and 3 days…

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