Anyone Else Think Like This?

What’s today’s fire index?

Fall wildflowers
A few days ago walking to an “interview”. The door caught my eye.


When we walk out our door into the busy world each morning, what’s on our mind that inspires us to no end?

Is it one thing all day long or a series of small things, constantly changing before our very eyes.

Is it the morning sun illuminating the flowering weeds next to the unmaintained street?

Is it the decision to slow the pace of life down and walk instead of drive?

Is it the decision to fly all day to meet someone versus just speaking on the phone?

The answer, it would seem, is always “Yes”.

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Could This Change Your Life?

Which inspires you more?

LinkedIn profile examples
Is this fear, strategy or lack of skill?


(photo: Screen shot of “Who’s recently viewed your LinkedIn profile.)

Which inspires greater purpose? To be the best in your category, or to be the category?

Careful, the fear of seeming arrogant may be enough to have you back down.

Figure it out.

The world is counting on you.

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Being Brave

CEO of You, Inc

Disney Executive Keynote Speakers


(photo: Last week’s visit to Disneyland, and a last minute thought to create this mashup of Land entrance and World ID.)

CEO of You, Inc.

Does the sound of that inspire, overwhelm, or frighten you?

It may do all three.

In fact, if it doesn’t do all three, check for a pulse.

Here’s the secret though, inspiration is the name of the game. Being radically inspired must be paramount.


You own your destiny. You own your excuses, regrets, second chances and opportunities. And as CEO of You, Inc, you own your permission to go or not go.

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Professionally Speaking

Are good leaders a waste of our money?

Orlando Speakers Bureau


(photo: Most leaders think it’s a good idea to have an open door policy. Food for thought – don’t spend too much time in your office.)

Being a great leader is elusive.

Being a good one, not so much.

Good leaders suck.


But it’s true.

Good leaders don’t inspire their people to be amazing all day, everyday.

The challenge with being a great leader is carving out time.

It takes time to get to the truth.

And it takes the truth to be a great leader.

Not taking the time and not knowing the truth are the same thing.

Truth facilitates inspiration.

A leader’s real job is inspiration.

You can’t inspire if you’re not involved with the front line. Involved enough to find out what brings your employees joy.

Joy is the key.

But we don’t focus on joy.

It’s not on our leadership radar.

Employees aren’t keyed into joy either.

They’re focused on pleasure:

  • When’s my next break?
  • Will this customer be a jerk?
  • Hope I get that desk job.

Versus joy:

  • How do I make this customer’s day?
  • I can’t believe they pay me to do this.
  • I have the most amazing leaders.

It’s the difference between compliance versus commitment.

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Being Brave

Thank you Walt Disney for your daily inspiration

Orlando Keynote Speakers


(photo: Keynote speakers need a memorable logo, an apple, a chair, three circles, a swoosh, etc)

Brainstorming comes so naturally to Disney Cast Members. In fact, we don’t even call it brainstorming. It just is. It’s the culture. The way our work gets done. What we think and do, without thinking.

Last night while trying to fall asleep, these ideas popped up:

  • Disruptive speaker with 30 years at Disney.
  • The marketplace’s new best kept secret.
  • World’s preeminent customer experience expert.

Just a few little sparks. Like when Walt was sitting on a (city) park bench thinking there ought to be someplace where children and parents could have fun together – the genesis of Disneyland.

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