Thank you Walt Disney for your daily inspiration

  (photo: Keynote speakers need a memorable logo, an apple, a chair, three circles, a swoosh, etc) Brainstorming comes so naturally to Disney Cast Members. In fact, we don’t even call it brainstorming. It just is. It’s the culture. The way our work gets done. What we think and do, without thinking. Last night while […]

Boss to subordinate to quiet mediocrity

  (photo: We can approach our day trying to maintain things or trying to become remarkable – which is what our customers want) Boss: Do everything you’re supposed to do plus one or two projects that add great value to our department. Subordinate: Hmm… Ok. Sounds good. (Then quietly thinks to herself, “So you’re saying do […]

What is a leader’s daily responsibility?

  To whom are you loyal and why? Many organizations lose good employees, not because the company is questionable, but because a particular leader is. Leadership is the silver bullet. Similar to parenting. A daily obligation to make people feel something. Inspiration is the main job of leadership. Next Blog