Professionally Speaking

What is a leader’s daily responsibility?

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To whom are you loyal and why?


To whom are you loyal and why?

Many organizations lose good employees, not because the company is questionable, but because a particular leader is.

Leadership is the silver bullet.

Similar to parenting.

A daily obligation to make people feel something.

Inspiration is the main job of leadership.

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

The fine line between being lifted up and being a target

We met in 2009 at the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) Winter conference held at Walt Disney World and there was something special about Omekongo that you could simply feel in his presence.

Now it’s becoming clearer. This was a High School commencement speech he delivered the year before we met.



There’s a fine line between confidence and humility for an aspiring entrepreneur hoping to put a dent in the Universe.

Never succumb to the constant temptation to conform.

This is exactly what the herd is trying to do, not let you get ahead to the greener pasture.

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Emotion Trumps Everything

The job of a great leader?

Philosophy quote
It matters little to walk to do the preaching if not our walking, is the preaching.


How important is creativity in leading others well? And what exactly does doing it well mean?

First, there is nothing more important to a leader than doing it well. That’s our job.

Second, the measure of success is in inspiring others to want to do the work that’s necessary.

And to have them driven, determined, grateful, and humbled to feel the privilege to do the work.

And to create more leaders. That’s the job of a great leader.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Every great CEO knows this

Apple Store Genius Bar sign
Doesn’t take a genius to comprehend the power of common sense


Being inspired is an inside job.

Every great CEO knows this.

Our work’s excellence impacts everything else in our life.

Excellent financial results is critical.

So is the way employees feel about how they are valued.

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Book Publishing

Some book updates while it is at the Tennessee printer

Mid Life Celebration target market description
Yes, all 35 – 65 year olds. (and anyone planning to reach that age range someday)


The book is at the printer in Tennessee. Some updates:

  • a printing error set everything back one month
  • it was like pulling teeth (painful) to feel like the publishing agent was in my shoes
  • feeling so strong for finally going through with the promise to publish
  • feeling so nervous for finally going through with the promise to publish
  • working on logos
  • working on backend email stuff, using Aweber
  • working on a bunch of things actually

Hoping this milestone will inspire you to keep battling your fears.

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