What’s a BFO?

What’s a BFO?  It’s a Blinding Flash of the Obvious. Recently, I was in the middle of a lively discussion on the things that keep employees from getting actively involved with finding solutions to improve Employee morale, Customer satisfaction and Financial results. One person said, “Language barriers.  I may speak with an accent, but I […]

Does Your Vision Do This?

Does your vision – personal, professional, or both – send a shiver down your spine when you think or talk about it? What if it did? What would it take? As a professional speaker, a wise person once told me, “Jeff, if you look out at your audience, and they look bored, you’re boring them”. To […]

Want to know a big Disney secret?

Think you know Disney’s best kept secret? Guess again. I think it’s Disney Institute. They deliver keynotes, workshops, team-builders, and tours, to their Guests around the world. Almost daily, people are amazed and even mesmerized by Disney’s ability to maintain a spotless, 40-square mile property.  Disney’s super secret way to keep everything spotless?   “When […]