What Roger Bannister Said In 1956 About Running Applies In Today’s World About Leadership

I do not know why I write, I only know that I enjoy it and can not help myself. – jeff noel 2011 Great leaders take their place in the circle of life, often not knowing why. Perhaps it’s because they love leading and can not help themselves. That’s the kind of leader people love […]

Baby Boomer Leaders, Show How Great You Are By The Positive Changes You Make Starting With Yourself

Baby Boomer leaders, show how great you are by the positive changes you make – starting with yourself. Oh wait, we don’t have time for that, right? Too busy putting the finishing touches on our career. Is that it? If our attitude isn’t stellar, if our body is broken, our spirit weak and our finances […]

If jeff noel Could Go Back For A Midlife Do Over, What Would He Change?

The only thing jeff noel would do over is more of the same. Keep moving forward. Never get tired of Life’s basics. Dream big. Get started. Get there. Stay there. Continue to live like tomorrow might not come. But because odds are great it will, we get lulled, unfortunately, into a habit of complacency and […]