Being Brave

Speak like you mean it, and be willing to walk away

Speakers Bureau Contract sample
There was a clause in the contract that over-rode this . Signed last night, Jan. 12, 2016.


Began 25 minutes behind schedule and ran over my time by one minute, a net loss of 24 minutes. Never complained. Saw it coming and adapted on the fly. This is what a professional speaker does.

Did the client or the audience have any idea?

Certainly not the audience.

Just another day of doing work that matters.

Coincidently, received an email from a different client with great news. The Speakers Bureau’s client agreed to remove their video taping request.

i was willing to walk away from a big contract, rather than compromise my values.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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Professionally Speaking

i love the classroom

i love the classroom button
Yesterday at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


Personal leadership 101:

Live your life so that if anyone ever says anything bad about you, no one will believe it.

It’s a very intentional choice.

And to be very intentional, you’ll need to over manage things you used to under manage or ignore.


At first, but once you’ve done it long enough for it to become a powerful habit, you have now actually created something (a personal brand) worth defending at any cost.




This website is about our career health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my home health website, click here.


My conscious was bothering me


You can reach a point in life that even the smallest miscommunication bothers you.

Purchased a new MacBook four days ago, and yesterday i took it back, unopened.

Bought it utilizing the back-to-school tax free incentive.

Went to purchase our third 11-inch MacBook Air, this one for Chapin as he enters High School.

Bought a 12-inch MacBook (not an “Air”) that is smaller, lighter, and has a bigger screen.

Since it’s a new Apple product, the temptation to own it tugged on my heart.

So i took it back explaining that it won’t be going to our Son and i’d like to pay the tax that we saved under the back-to-school premise.

Apple said either way it was legit and not to worry about it.

There is something about a 100% clear conscience that is priceless.

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Being Brave

It scared you because you felt safe

Disney Conference Speakers
Have passed through here a million times.


Dear self, this is genius. The way you step up. Your intentions. The way you structure your classes. Your analogies. Your metaphors. Your questions. Your vision.

And what did you get paid?

Compared to a compelling speaker with a great platform, peanuts. Literally nothing compared to what you get paid now.

(Don’t get yourself wrong, you wouldn’t trade the past for anything.)

Genius has boldness. (Yes, this is the reverse of Boldness has genius.)

Congratulations on breaking the mold.

And congratulations for doing what you said you were gonna do.

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No really

Is it time to fire the person in charge?

Disney University
A run from home to DU and back.


Who’s in charge?

Great leaders confront issues, not individuals. Good leaders beat around the bush.

If you can not have hard conversations with yourself, you’re really going to struggle with holding yourself accountable for balance, wellness, and thriving.

As we get older, these become exponentially more valuable.

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