South America interview questions

      Note: These questions were sent to my Speaker Agent from a South American journalist. There was no face-to-face interview. 1. How job retention trends have been changing in recent years? A. Generally, people leave a company because their leader isn’t meeting or exceeding their expectations. Employees perform in a mirror fashion to […]

Kicking Off March With A Great Video Interview With Lee Cockerell, Retired Disney Executive VP of Operations

The most influential leader I’ve ever personally known at Walt Disney World, Lee Cockerell, answers five big questions from a Pastor: SeedsConf 2011 :: 5 Questions with Lee Cockerell from Church on the Move on Vimeo. Next Blog

Dan Cathy CEO Chick-fil-A Interviews Suzy Welsh And Christianity In Business Comes Up

This is today’s 2nd post at jungle jeff. Just (7pm) stumbled upon this video after watching Dan interview Seth Godin in today’s 1st post. What deserves consideration is this interesting, and uncommon, Christian transparency from Suzy Welsh, Jack Welsh’s wife, and author of 10-10-10: Scroll down for today’s original post.