Day number seven on (Sanibel) Island time means only one thing

Day number seven on (Sanibel) Island time means only one thing. Deep relaxation. Something most business professionals find elusive year round. Here’s to all you hard working, amazingly focused, results-driven business leaders. A photo montage to pry your funny-bone open: Enjoy your day. Remember to come up for air. Next Blog

Being Brave Means Being Willing To Look Foolish In The Short Term, Because In The Long Term We Won’t

Thousands of visits per day and growing. Feels really nice. At the end of the day, however, does it press The Movement forward? Search Engine Optimization is just one of the things a boot-strapped small business entrepreneur has to focus on. In many cases it’s a DIY project. Never get bored with the basics. Next Blog

Much Of What Fascinates Us & Distracts Us Has No Bearing On Our Making A Difference

Who knew Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined? While many Boomers find this type of information interesting, jeff noel finds it disconcerting. Unless you market fishing rods, well, never mind. Midlifers spend more time reflecting on useless information than on the meaning of their life. Think about that for a […]