Hey Fear, You Can Kiss My Glass, I’m Toasting To Your Defeat

Courage. Energy. Enthusiasm. Guts. Indomitable will. Clear, concise, compelling vision. A purpose higher than ourselves. Tenacity.  Without realizing it, in tough times, it’s like we cross off the obvious success formula. Never get bored with the basics. Next Blog

Fear’s Antidote Is Courageous, Visionary Leadership

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Just use courage and have a grand vision. Really? A clear, concise and compelling vision, coupled with the courage to do the right thing. Confronting fear from all angles, and never quitting, is the only path to victory. Fear hates confrontation. Next Blog

Welcome To Medicorityville, Be Thankful You Have Anything At All

Tough time to be good at anything other than playing it safe in today’s global financial crisis. To be great requires pushing, pulling, extraordinary effort. The ROI for being great is much smaller these days. Difficult to find anyone willing to pay a premium for anything. So who’s willing to extend themselves – to be […]

In Judging Others Who Judge, Aren’t We Committing The Same Infraction?

Riddle me this, says jeff noel, when we’re critical and judgmental of leaders because they seem to be judgmental, aren’t we committing the same offense? If you really want to be a leader with impeccable integrity, aim to be as perfect and righteous as you can, knowing full well that you’ll (predictably) fail miserably. It […]