Emotion Trumps Everything

Would You Steal?

What if the only way to gain new customers was to take (steal) them from your competitors?

If this were so, and it probably is, why would a customer (or a reader) somewhere else want to come over to your party?

This is something I think about every single day, with 130-million blogs competing for your attention.

How do you teach employees to think like an owner, when they’ve never been?

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Fear Safe Cars?

If you’re in the car insurance business, would you fear safe cars?

Drunk drivers are down.

Kids are safer drivers these days.

Reduction in miles driven, from higher gas prices.

All these things would make it easy to fear safer cars.

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Professionally Speaking

World Class Orlando Professional Speakers

Practice, repetition, and these tips lead to excellence…

What does it take to become a world class Orlando Professional Speaker?

The same thing it takes to be world class in anything:

  • An unwavering commitment
  • A purpose bigger than yourself
  • A clear, concise and compelling vision
  • The willingness to take risks the others won’t
  • Fall down 7, get up 8

The more you practice, the better you become. Twelve years of professional speaking has equipped me with world class platform skills. The content, well, 3500+ jeff noel blog posts sort of speaks for itself.

Got passion?

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It's Not Over Rated

Shun The Ducks

Is this what Flannery meant by a duck?

Let me ask you a critical question.

So what then is a duck, as Flannery O’Conner calls out in the post below? It sounds negative.

Are you able to identify, within your work responsibilities, the part of your job that gives you purpose, or is it easier to quack about all the problems and complain about how difficult things are?

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So What?

The Trap Is Something More

There always seems to more to life than there really is. Life’s simple pleasures. We know what these are. And, ignoring this, we push hard for some imaginary prize. We work hard on that corporate ladder climb.

We let our blind ambition, erase our intuition.

And still, sometimes, we need to keep plowing forward, because we have seen a vision of the future that beckons us. We follow the path to avoid extinction.

All the while, everything we need, at our feet.

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