Dear Son, It Will Be Your Job Not To Let This Happen, Even Though Most Don’t

Dear Son, most people hate their jobs to varying degrees. This ought to give everyone insight and due notice that it’s predictable and sad.

It will be your job to not let it happen. That goes for the rest of us.

Be the kind of person others love to work with. Love your boss and reduce her hassle-factor in working with you to zero.

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Quick Pulse Check

Are Your Dreams Heading To The Landfill?
Are Your Dreams Heading To The Landfill?

If you asked yourself these questions, what score would you give yourself, with 10 being the highest and 1 lowest?

1.  “I’m completely excited to wake up each day to go to my job?”

2.  “I wouldn’t change a thing about my current job, it’s a perfect fit?”