Maybe how she sees society judging is exactly how she judges

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We are all created equal, no?


Want to be brave? Just do it and tell us afterwards.

What if Jenny just did what she said she was going to do, wear the bikini?

Without fanfare, hoopla, controversy.

What was her purpose in telling her friends?

Did she know all along people would be judgmental?

How did she answer the questions of what catches her eye?

Why doesn’t she wear a bikini every summer?

And finally, a closing thought here.

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If we’re lucky we will catch ourselves failing

Teddy Bear in Assisted Living Apartment


(photo: Who are any of us to judge another? Do NOT do it. Life will be better.)

Learning not to judge is a lifetime endeavor. We make progress – and then, when and where we least expect it, we catch ourselves (if we’re lucky) failing.

Each time we fail is an opportunity to improve.

This takes guts to believe and and even more guts to embrace.

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Moments we catch ourselves thinking negatively about someone

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Obvious. Important. Then buried. Invisible to everyone but ourselves.


Our greatest opportunities for self improvement are those moments when we catch ourselves thinking negatively about someone.

It’s a weird (cruel?) reality.

What we dislike in another, is almost assuredly a blind spot within ourselves.

The revealing of our blind spot(s) should be joyful.

Because now we know.

And we can train ourselves to change and become better.

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Rather than medicating ourselves with the shortcomings of others

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Letting things go becomes easier with practice (and can be mastered over time)


Nearly everyone we observe (including ourselves) sees everyone else’s shortcomings. And they say, so-and-so just needs to do this or do that.

And they think so-and-so should just use common sense.

Was thinking, if common sense was the answer, then wouldn’t we all be positive, fit, peaceful, fulfilled, finically secure, a model employee or leader, organized, etc?

The beauty about overmanaging our personal responsibility is that we become very well rounded and successful at delivering balanced life results.

And when this happens, we feel so good about ourselves (even with our many shortcomings) because of the harmonious alignment of our energy (and results).

Something magical happens. We no longer worry about what others do or don’t do.

Don’t get me wrong, we are fully aware of our surroundings, but we focus our energy on self-improvement rather than medicating ourselves with the shortcomings of others.

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