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Disney’s World-Famous Jungle Cruise History (video)


Walt initially wanted real animals for the Jungle Cruise.

Can you imagine?


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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Where he’s from there are three kinds of people

Screen capture of handy everyday apps


(photo: screen shot of helpful everyday apps, including a calculator)

Where he’s from there are three kinds of people. Those that can count, and those that can’t.

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You won’t believe where this post is being written from…


Writing this while waiting to board the World Famous Jungle Cruise.

For real.

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Professionally Speaking

It all started with a Mouse

Walt Disney World Sign with Walt Disney quote
The law of attraction, no?


January 25, 1982 was his first day working for The Walt Disney World Resort.

He was hired as an ‘Attractions Host’.

He didn’t know what that meant until he arrived in Florida (from Pennsylvania) and attended the company orientation program – Disney Traditions.

Later that day he was told his training would begin the very next day as a Jungle Cruise Skipper in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

They told him him to introduce himself to the Guests as ‘Jungle Jeff’.

So he did.

True story.

And yes, it did all start with a Mouse.

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Walt Disney Died December 15

It was, and still is, a sad day for many people, December 15, 1966.

For it was on this day in history that Walt Disney died.

Being born in 1959, I was old enough to remember watching Walt Disney on Sunday nights, as he came into the living rooms of Americans across the country.

He made such an impression on me that I eventually found my way to Disneyland as a 12-year old Guest.

And years later, while attending a Pennsylvania College, I spent a winter semester (1982) as a Magic Kingdon Adventureland Jungle Cruise skipper, jungle jeff.

There’s more, much more, about this Disney story, but it’s a tale for another time.

Have a Magical Day everyone.  Signing off from Orlando, Florida and living right next to the Walt Disney World Resort,  jungle jeff  🙂

PS. We miss you Walt.

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