One Question A Day?

April @ jungle jeff

Hey Dad, why didn’t you ever start your business when you where younger?

Good question Son. Tell you tomorrow. But first, today’s inspirational nugget:

Procrastination is opportunities natural assassin. – Victor Kiam

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Yesterday’s answer: The successful implementation of an idea.

Could This Change Your Life?

You Have The Power

The most common way people give up their power is to believe they don’t have any.

Read and reread that thought, until you can embrace, and act, on the opposite. You are Mr Incredible, or Miss Incredible.

Not sure what tomorrow, April 1st, holds for jungle jeff and the rest of Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

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Do Not Collect

jungle jeff is….

jungle jeff is about your career, and managing your contribution to society. In other words…it’s your J-O-B! What you are paid to do. Society pays us according to our contribution.

It’s about personal leadership.Whatever you are, be a really good one.

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Do Not Pass Go

The Road To Excellence

Indomitable Spirit Is Priceless
Indomitable Spirit Is Priceless

The road to excellence has no finish line.

This is the main reason people give up.

Or maybe it’s the fear of success.

What do you think is the main reason people live with discontent in the workplace?

Like I said yesterday, maybe it’s time for a meeting.

It's Not Over Rated

Got Social Media?

You Tube turned five earlier this Summer.

Who could have predicted it’s rise?

Same thing here.

Ordinary people hitting the big time.

Got social media?

Ditch your resume and build your social media presence. That’s my mantra.

It will eventually free up more time to spend on the day-to-day stuff.