No really

Don’t Bother Me

Sure Hope It's Just Make Believe
Sure Hope It's Just Make Believe

Please don’t bother me with bad news, I’m on vacation.

We just got a new puppy four days ago, and our son’s birthday is tomorrow.

So being on vacation, I’ve had the opportunity to catch some of the ABC Evening News.

In the past day or two, ABC News reported we may be heading to another recession.

Is that possible?

Batten down the hatches.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Steve Harrison Book Publishing Tips

Got A Rainy Day Plan?
Got A Rainy Day Plan?

Steve Harrison helps get people media exposure, so they can land a book publishing deal.

This video is 14 minutes long. I do not recommend it if you have no desire to ever write a book.

But if you do want to publish a book, I’d watch it. Steve Harrison’s video helped me, and you know how much stuff I get exposed to (and I don’t recommend 90% of it).

I’m recommending this.

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So What?

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

But Don't You I Think I'm Special?
But Don't You I Think I'm Special?

Remember that song by Marvin Gaye?

Same melody, different words….

Ain’t no prophet wise enough.

You’ll never be a prophet in your hometown.


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It's Not Over Rated

Mid Way Through MBA Program

Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day
Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day

Master’s Degree in Business Administration, or MBA.

A highly coveted degree.

A resume builder.

A differentiator.

A few years of intense study, expense and sacrifice.

I know it well, and have just passed the half-way mark.

Soon, I’ll share a few highlights from the midterm report card.

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because of your MBA degree?

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Video Sharing

jungle jeff At Niagara Falls

Humans love to travel. Not sure why. We just do.

And some people are paid to travel, as part of their career. Not sure why. But they do.

And I know this first hand, as a professional speaker for a Fortune 100 company.

Most of the time all I see is the hotel and the airport. But not this time at Niagara Falls.

As a child, we vacationed there, but there’s no memory of getting close enough to touch it. Here’s my 30-second uncensored account:

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