Catalytic keynote speaking

Hidden Mickey on tissue box
Random discovery before recycling empty tissue box.


Hidden Mickey on tissue box


subtle Mickey Mouse image
Circles and curves. Red, black and yellow.


From a used tissue box about to be recycled to a random glance at a social media image – these feed the vision for the logo and brand icons for a:

Catalytic keynote speaker.

This is for someone who spent 30 years as a Disney insider, including the final 15 speaking for Disney Institute to over one million people globally.

Painted a simple vision to the graphic artist:

Push the envelope as far as you can without crossing any lines.

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The biggest subconscious let downs with keynote speeches

Disney University
Very first day as a Disney Cast Member was here, January 25, 1982. Photo, yesterday, January 8, 2015.


Two things that a keynote speaker should consider avoiding:

  1. Not gonna tell you what you already know. What’s the point?
  2. Not gonna tell you the amazing thing somebody else did. What’s the point?

No one does anything with this information.

All it does is excite us for an hour or two.

A bit like a one-night stand, to be honest.

What you’ll get from my keynotes is this:

Remarkably deeper, different, and simpler insights than you’ve ever been exposed to before.

Tell us what you do differently. Tell us how it’s changed you. Speak from nothing but experience. Keep your theories and rhetoric to yourself.

This is the long awaited antidote to the two biggest subconscious let downs with keynote speeches.

A bit like deep, long-lasting love, to be honest.

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