Funny how a kind word has the power to motivate

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Funny how a kind word has the power to motivate.

The 61-year old Gold’s Gym personal trainer (Charles) came over and shared just one small piece of positive feedback. It was so insignificant small, yet so powerfully motivating.

There is no greater wisdom than kindness.

Say nice things to people. They rarely hear nice things about themselves.

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Tough Love

Think You Have It Tough?
Think You Have It Tough?

Yesterday’s Christmas gift from jungle jeff to you was probably not what you expected, was it?

Tough love is what our son’s Kindergarten teacher called it.

A college roommate that became a US Marshal, handling some exceptionally criminal minds, told me that he would sometimes have to tell the people he was “guarding”, “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.”

Our US Marshal friend is a Dad, a husband, and a really nice person. But he knows some quick moves that’ll bring the biggest brute to his knees in seconds.

The world is full of very competitive people and very competitive businesses. And there’s a phrase, survival of the fittest, that works in nature, and it works in business.

People forget this. Or, they ignore it or deny it.

I can’t.  You can’t.  No one who wants to be excellent can be unclear of this natural law.

This is why I’m upping the ante at jungle jeff.  Not by an unbearable amount, but more than 2009.

Almost forgot, if you trek on over to , and read just a few entries, you’ll see a much softer side of tough love.