Being Brave

Today is the eve of the bravest day in a long career

Disney's Celebration office complex


(photo: Disney Institute HQ is on the third floor of Celebration 215)

Never crossed the line once.

Working remotely for the past three years, and traveling four or five weeks out of six, on average, has made working in a traditional office setting obsolete.

For the past six years, every spare moment has been spent building the infrastructure and platform to be able to launch Mid Life Celebration, LLC as a full time business.

Working anywhere. Anytime.

Overhead is minimal.

Impact is unlimited.

It starts tomorrow, officially.

No more holding back and keeping it a solemn secret to everyone in the audience.

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What Are You Waiting For?

After 5.5 official years as an LLC, feeling like the story has legs now

Mid Life Celebration Visa cards
After 5.5 official years as an LLC, feeling like the story has legs now.


One bank offered a credit limit of $1000.

Another bank $7,500.

Which would you pick if you were just starting out?

Application was in 2008 when the recession was near it’s worst. Even so, the financials were ridiculously strong.

Both banks had the same financial information.

Both banks had a minimum of 15 years of our loyal business.

So here we are mid-2014…

Which would you abandon if you could only pick one moving forward?

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Am I The Only One?

Space Shuttle Launch From Mid Life Celebration’s Home Office Window, 2010

Space Shuttle Launch From jeff noel's Home Office Window, 2010

Space Shuttle Launch From Home Office Window, 2010

Each morning for the past 970 mornings, jeff noel begins writing five daily, differently-themed blogs about Life’s Big Choices. From Mid Life Celebration’s home office desk, sometimes, a Space Shuttle launch has been a kind and generous reward.

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Leadership Thinking

Got It?
Got It?

Leadership thinking 101:

  1. Saturate – gather all data
  2. Incubate – sit on it
  3. Illuminate – BFO

BFO = Blinding Flash of the Obvious.


  • Launch
  • Learn
  • Revise


  1. Repeat

Got it?  Good.  Now let’s all go do GREAT work today!  Bring it on!