Dear Son

You don’t have this luxury and you never should

Disney Institute Leadership Speaker
We either are or we aren’t.


Lead like you mean it.

At work.

At home.

Every day.

All day.

You are the CEO of You, Inc.

As owner, you don’t get the luxury of thinking, “That’s someone else’s job.”


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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Do we care enough to lead like this?

Trail head closed


(photo: yesterday, when the going gets tough…)

When it comes to business, leadership, and profits, could we behave in such a manner:

Live your live so that if someone said anything bad about you, no one would believe it.

Is this possible?

Is it desirable?

Would it transform everything in our life?

Do we care enough?

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Professionally Speaking

Should we stay or should we go?

digital quote
Old school is not funny, it’s sad.


In the same way that we used to never be able to have our mobile devices powered on during take-off and landing, so too will many other notions fall.

A great leader is an early adopter.

A good leader waits.

The difference, is, well, very different in creating a team of (leaders) people filled with creativity and innovation or (followers) people filled with a wait and see work ethic.

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Professionally Speaking

Be amazed and be amazing

Leadership graph
Be careful


Be amazed and be amazing.

Inspire and be inspired.

Love and be loved.

If not today, when?

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So What?

What is a leader’s number one job?

Jig Saw puzzle of St Mary Lake at Glacier National Park
Jig Saw puzzle of St Mary Lake at Glacier National Park. Leader’s help others see things clearly.


What is a leader’s number one job?

To lead, no?

I’m the CEO of me, and you’re the CEO of you.

To passionately inspire others and ourselves with a clear, concise, and compelling picture of the future – a place where it’s worth doing whatever it takes to get there.

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