Most (ego-centric) leaders aren’t fond of people like me

Father and Son at Disney World
Most ego-centric leaders have a big heart that competes with career ambitions, fear, and security.


Truth be told, most (ego-centric) leaders aren’t fond of me.

This used to bother me.

A lot.

So much so that i tried to change.

And in a way, i did, without selling out.

The creative solution (to keep personal integrity intact) is simply to only ask them questions if they ask for input.

Nothing asked, nothing offered.


Meanwhile, writing became the outlet for asking uninvited questions.

Questions every leader should have a ready, instantaneous answer to, but, remarkably, don’t.

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No really

Simple leadership test to tell if you are one

Three photos from a recent run through Walt Disney World. Today’s message follows these pictures.


Downtown Disney West Side rear entrance
Downtown Disney West Side, rear entrance.


House of Blues at Downtown Disney
House of Blues at Downtown Disney


Disney Quest at Downtown Disney
Disney Quest at Downtown Disney


Most salaried professionals think they are a leader.

Most are not leaders.

They are managers.

And as such have varying degrees of effectiveness.

Simple leadership test to tell if you are one.

The day-to-day belongs to the managers.

The future belongs to the leaders.

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Being Brave

Everyone’s a critic

Three Mile Island from airplane


(photo: Three Mile Island, background. Chapin, foreground.)

March 28, 1978, there was a nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island.

Major leadership failure.

Leadership is a hot seat few understand, but all are free to criticize.

Nothing and no one is perfect (ok, God is the exception).

But we still need great leaders.

And we all need one to lead our life.


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One Question A Day?

Are leaders making unacceptable excuses and exceptions?

A snake in the pool or a seat belt?
A snake in the pool or a seat belt?


We put our seat belt on each time we get in our vehicle. Why? Because it is the safest thing to do. And maybe because we will receive a financial punishment and traffic ticket if we get caught not wearing it.

We also feel peer pressure from others if they are in the vehicle.

Yet if we did an honest assessment of our exercise habit(s), how would it compare?

Safety is all or nothing.

Exercise is being safe.

This is undeniable.

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One Question A Day?

Dear readers, what do you wish you would have asked?

Plaque at Health Central Hospital honoring William Booth
William, did you know your one-word vision would stir human souls?


What’s one question you’d love to ask the greatest leader you’ve ever known (including historical leaders from long ago)?

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