Could This Change Your Life?

The science of persuasion is something every great leader needs to hear

The science of persuasion is something every great leader ought to know. While the video is nearly 12 minutes long, it reveals six shortcuts. Who doesn’t embrace shortcuts?



In a world full of information overload, videos like this help us sort through the key points quickly, and in a fun way too.

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Emotion Trumps Everything

Level Five Leaders Inspire People’s Souls

Walt Disney continues to stir people's souls.

The five levels of leadership:

  • level 1: leaders because of title
  • level 2: leaders because of caring
  • level 3: leaders because of getting results
  • level 4: leaders because they develop more leaders
  • level 5: leaders because they stir people’s souls

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Common Sense

Most Organizations Don’t Capitalize On The Power Of Signs To Capture Their Employees Hearts

Obviously The yellow M, but what about the little red leaf?

Great civilizations, iconic legendary corporate giants, long standing religions, they all share their genius, purposefully using icons and phrases to win the hearts of their employees. Every small business entrepreneur, every manager, every leader, ought to be taking note. It’s common sense, but not common.

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Common Sense

One Thing Busy Leaders Rarely Give Conscious Thought To Is How To Have A Purposeful Culture

Signs and symbols help build a successful culture (common sense)

Never is the culture of an organization tested more than in stressful economic times. Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it. Holiday stress just makes a challenging situation worse. Signs and symbols are the visual language that shapes employee (and customer) thinking. Yet busy leaders have no idea what jeff noel is talking about right now.

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Bet You Have It Too

Far Away?
Far Away?

Passion.  Bet you have a ton of passion.

Maybe you’re in a job where your passion thrives. Maybe you’re not.

Does passion make for a better worker?

Do you do your best work around something you’re passionate about?

How many leaders are in positions that got them a better title, a better paycheck, better meetings, and better perks, but took them further from their passion?

And then there are people who have found their passion, their dream job, but over the years they have allowed things beyond their control to poison themselves.

Imagine your own situation.