Who Needs This?

“Who needs this”?, is stereotypically said in a sarcastic tone, and maybe even with our arms thrown up in the air is frustration.  Can you picture it? But that’s not what I mean here.  Not today ever. Today, in these tough economic times, these extraordinarily turbulent world times, we need this. We need leaders. Not […]

Motivation Is Like A Meal

Motivation is like a meal.  Seriously.  But we all forget. Should an Annual Conference’s motivational effects last all year? Should monthly meetings keep teams inspired all month? Weekly meetings?  Will the excitement last all week? Daily meetings?  All day? After breakfast, most humans are ready to be nourished again at lunch. Even after two decent meals, […]

Can public speaking make you a better leader?

Speaking in front of others is something every leader must do, and should do well. The better you become at public speaking, the better you become as a leader. It’s intuitive that this makes sense, right? Today’s post is actually an entry on my “National Speakers Association” page, so you’d be unlikely to read it […]