The great Summer of 2012

Leadership paradox: supply and demand for ideas and solutions

Florida State Senate
nice touch, welcoming the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders
Senate moderator
our moderator, Adrian Young (lower left), was superb

Leadership paradox: supply of ideas and the demand for solutions. There is never a shortage of ideas being offered up. But solutions are as rare as oxygen on the moon.

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

But The Thing Of It Is

Become The Kind Of Person Your Dog Thinks You Are
Become The Kind Of Person A Dog Thinks You Are

There’s always a rebuttal, right?

Human nature?


Whatever you call it, there is always another perspective.

Leaders, just like parents, get caught in the vicious cycle of busy-ness.

People judge us on what they see us do, not on what we hope to do.

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