Read leadership books

Read leadership books, but be careful in selecting which ones will get your attention. Many leadership authors are interested in making a living and don’t have time to practice everything they preach. How do i know? i’ve been in the industry since 1999. i know things only insiders know. Son, you are fortunate to read […]

Most rehearsed ​speech ever

Most rehearsed speech since 1999? Tomorrow’s Leadership keynote. Why? Experimenting with doing more in less time. Same speaking client as last year, but with 60 minutes less time. To convey the same message with less will require a great level of precision. Perhaps after speaking for 20 years, i’ve finally learned how to rehearse. It sure […]

There’s a time and a place to give up

There’s a time and a place to give up. You can only learn this by experimenting with your judgment – this is your personal leadership responsibility. Often, the test results from your experimenting won’t be available for months, years, even decades. For example, giving up on staying active, eating and resting well, and staying motivated […]