If Disney Ran Your Life

Only one way to find out

Lee Cockerell bookmarks
Lee dropped off a case of his helpful bookmarks.


Only one way to find out if Lee would be at Starbucks.

Go there.

It paid off.

Plus, the seven-mile run through Universal Studios was a refreshing change.

The 400 Lee Cockerell bookmarks in my roller bag are “Earmarked” for every Keynote speech attendee – to compliment Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies From A Life At Disney.




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Video Sharing

Brilliant Leadership nuggets in this short Lee Cockerell video


Brilliant Leadership nuggets in this short Lee Cockerell video.

You’re not going to change people after you hire them, so hire the right people.

ARE is the free, inexhaustible leadership fuel… Appreciation, Recognition, Encouragement.

Do people ‘run’ away from you or towards you when they see you coming?

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Brand Loyalty

Amazon book review from March 5 is worth a look because…

Central Florida homeowner backyard campfire
We’ve had a fire pit in our backyard since the day we moved in 1992


Amazon book review from March 5 is worth a look because…

Because having a burning passion to sensationally serve customers is the essential success factor for finding meaning in our careers and life.

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Professionally Speaking

The world’s best Customer Service book debuted today

Three unique copies The Customer Rules, by Lee Cockerell
Three copies of the world’s best customer service book, ever


To be alive to witness the world’s best ever “anything” is very cool. Today we witnessed a “world’s best customer service” book debut.

Received the top copy today, March 5. The purple copy, an uncorrected proof, was a gift from Lee last year. The bottom copy (copy #1) was also a gift from Lee February 18 during a meeting.

Rough draft of my Amazon review of Lee Cockerell’s book, The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service, which debuted today…

The brilliance of “The Customer Rules” is in Lee’s profoundly simple, and simply profound approach. Never get bored with the basics. Ever.

These 39 Rules will work for anyone, in any organization.

In a world full of cookie cutter customer service theory, Lee Cockerell is the ultimate craftsman. Hands down the best the world has seen, because Lee’s wisdom comes from doing it on a massive scale for a long, long time – leading 40,000 Disney employees for nearly a decade of sensational world-class service.

The Customer Rules is available on Amazon.


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Lee Cockerell told me long ago the real work of leaders is inspiration

leadership inspiration
the harder you work, the luckier you get – Lee gifted his book 110 days before it’s release


Lee Cockerell told me long ago the real work of leaders is inspiration.

Think about it. What could be more important?

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