So What?

Lessons learned in athletic preparation and competition apply here

Charles Williams M50-54 Masters athlete
Charles Williams and I are the same age and possess the same focus on excellence


Lessons learned in athletic preparation and competition apply to leading ourselves and others to excellence in our workplace.

In order to achieve success on the field, we apply leadership principles that are taught in the best business schools:

  • a compelling vision provides direction
  • great organizational (physically and culturally) structure allows work to get done well
  • finding a millions ways to stay engaged, in spite of obstacles, economics
  • commitment is the only way to rise above good and very good to reach excellence
  • character is what our reputation is built on – build strong

After yesterday’s 800 meters, something astonishing happened. I ran ten seconds faster than expected and had a blast.

Work should be fun. Excellence should be a natural outpouring from the long, hard hours, weeks, months, even years of preparation.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Why midlife failure seldom stops us

A brand new day full of opportunities to fail…

a new day

Here’s why midlife failure seldom stops us. Failing always teaches us something. It’s the reward for doing the thing we feared. What really stops us is the fear of failing – not failure itself.

Boomers, at some point today, do something that scares you. Good luck.

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Am I The Only One?

Can A Single Photograph Capture Important Leadership Lessons?

jeff noel Can Easily Explain Several Leadership Insights From This Photo

In paying income tax for 36 years of hard work, a Baby Boomer not only learns valuable leadership lessons, but also has the opportunity to share and teach these leadership lessons to others. But can it be done with a single photograph? For the next week, we shall see.

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Do Not Collect

August’s MBA Update

August has been very challenging.

August has been very rewarding.

There were lessons learned that neither the teacher nor the student were prepared for.

This makes the world of business challenging, exhilarating, exhausting, and sometimes, almost not worth it.

But focus, discipline and a clear, concise and compelling vision will pull you through the dark moments.

Every time.

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