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The lie of the year

Midlife Celebration, the book in Halifax
One day this phrase will be a household name around the world – Mid Life Celebration


Whatever it takes.

The lie of the year is telling ourselves we’ll do whatever it takes. But that lasts about one or two days and then we’re back to our usual selves.

The challenge of doing whatever it takes?

The real challenge is actually finding something worth doing – and then doing whatever it takes.

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The Chronicles of Nuwanda

Funny how we get side-tracked with our promises

Dead Poets society
are you a (good) man Nuwanda, or are you a (good) woman?

Funny how we get side-tracked with our promises. Three weeks into September and we’ve barely heard any of the Nuwanda chronicles.

True tales of the lies. Lying tales about the truth. Everything a great leader is… and isn’t.

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