You Have The Power

The most common way people give up their power is to believe they don’t have any. Read and reread that thought, until you can embrace, and act, on the opposite. You are Mr Incredible, or Miss Incredible. Not sure what tomorrow, April 1st, holds for jungle jeff and the rest of Mid Life Celebration, LLC. […]

Get Over It

What grown man carries a Teddy Bear around the world… Most people don’t believe they are capable of initiative. – Crowdsourcing You either get over this hurdle or you don’t. What’s liberating about getting over it is the freedom to do the right things for the right reasons. We know these things intuitively, but society beats […]

Leadership Books

I get it. There is only so much a person can read. We can’t do it all. Right there with you. And, many of us received new books as gifts recently. What books changed your life last year? There were a few for me.  Two had significant impact. Up first, The Last Lecture, by Randy […]

Five A Day Blogger Explosion

In March 2009, just ten short months ago, I made a promise – a 100-day challenge. Have you ever made important promises, big promises, promises that you could almost taste the life-changing benefits? Some call it dreaming big dreams.  Walt Disney, one of my heroes, was like that. But Walt Disney also had something different. […]

My Biggest Blind Spot

Biggest blind spot?  You really want to know?  It’s embarrassing actually. What makes it embarrassing is the fact that I was so clueless about it. Seriously clueless. To teach is to learn twice, and as I worked hard to apply what I was teaching (1999-ish), an epiphany appeared. By the way, it’s likely that I […]