The linchpin manifesto from Seth Godin

Seth Godin's Linchpin manifesto


(photo: The linchpin manifesto from Seth Godin)

Are you indispensable?

Maybe not to your boss at work.

But what about to the CEO of You, Inc?

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Career Insights Dear Son

Who Cares More, Works Harder, Thinks Deeper, Or Reaches Higher?

Dear son, remember that friend I told you about that has something no one else on the team possesses (and everyone thinks they are unique, by the way)?

All teams consist of people with different, definable work experience attributes:

  • Longevity
  • Diversity
  • Expertise
  • Goals

What most teams lack to some degree is a person who would do the job even if they weren’t paid. Someone who cares more, works harder, thinks deeper or reaches higher.

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Do Not Collect

Do You Stand A Chance?

Snowball's Chance In...
Snowball's Chance In...

Today the polling stations are open from 7AM until 7PM. We mailed our absentee ballot last week.

Are people voting this year for the best candidate?

Or, for the one who isn’t the worst?

The campaign ads in Central Florida this year were especially negative. Repetitively and obnoxiously negative.


Anyway, if your boss could pick her team over again, would she pick you?

Yesterday’s post and today’s post reminds us of one important fact. Being positive or negative is our choice. And it also goes both ways.


So What?

Wait, There’s More

When You're In Charge...
When You're In Charge...

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Playing It Safe Is Risky

Do We Live In Fear?
Do We Live In Fear?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Age-old wisdom.

We all know this, and we all understand the ramifications.

It’s a catch-22.

Darned if you don’t, darned if you do.

So what do you do?

Play it safe?

Too risky.

Take the risk?

Still too risky.

Is there a middle ground?