Who’s to blame, the one who doesn’t say, or the one who doesn’t ask?

  Ouch. You’re in an important meeting. The leader is looking for input. The team is looking for direction. The leader talks the most. Most people don’t say (contribute) much, if anything. Eventually the meeting ends. Both groups depart feeling cheated in a way. Who’s to blame, the one who doesn’t say, or the one […]

Are We Listening?

Huh?  Exactly. Hey, here’s a one-take-You Tube video from me again (howdy), jeff noel, the five-a-day blogger. Are you starting to see how this might work for you? I mean, I’m just a common guy, working really hard at this social media phenomenon. A few months back, I saw a You Tube video featuring Disney’s […]

Are You Serious? (part 2)

Here’s the secret to “Are You Serious”, from yesterday’s post. Think. Read.  Watch. Listen.  Talk. Write.  Blog. A lot. Then repeat. For example.  I invested about about 30 minutes Sunday to listen to THIS. That’s how I do it.  And yes, I are serious. 🙂 PS.  If you missed it two sentences up, (click THIS) […]

How Important Is Money To You?

Money.  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  Money has always been my biggest stressor. Eventually, I learned a very simple and very profound rule.  It is the first rule that should be learned. Spend less than you earn What made this most basic of rules so elusive for me, is that I did […]


Ted.com Ideas worth sharing. David Hoffman talks on Losing Everything. I often wonder who I’d be if I lost everything.  Just yesterday, I was tempted (for a very brief moment) to think I actually had. It was one of the best, and briefest, moments of my career. Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂