The two couples totaled almost 120 years of Disney experience

Old Walt Disney World cargo trailer
Yesterday walking through a Church parking lot.


Old Walt Disney World cargo trailer
Way in the back of the Church, out of sight to everyone.


Dinner at our friends house two nights ago. Our children have been classmates for a couple years. They invited us to their lakefront (fourth biggest Florida lake) home to catch up because this is the first year our children are going to separate schools.

The two couples totaled nearly 120 years of Disney experience.

Two with a lifetime in Park retail, one a lifetime in HR, and the other a lifetime in Resort operations and Disney Institute.

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All Day, Every Day – Revisited

Longevity and rock bands are not synonymous, but there are exceptions.

Last night watching the second episode of the 2012 American Idol season, I reminded our Son that Steven Tyler is a true rock star. He asked me what band he’s with, to which I replied, Aerosmith. They headlined the first concert I ever attended (1975). Chapin said, “I remember you telling me that”.

Without thinking, I told him that the measure of true greatness is the ability to do it for a long time. Legendary not on what might have been, but on what they actually did.

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