The Disney Look is a thing

Disney Keynote Speakers
From the late 1980’s Disney Look Book. The center Cast member looks familiar.

The Disney Look is a thing.



A compliment to the Disney Show.

Never dreamt that blogging (nor running) would become a compliment to my Disney leadership and Disney Institute facilitation.

It’s only impossible until you do it the first time.

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Look At All These

Money Tree?
Money Tree?

Look at all these things we have to do:

  • Buy Insurance
  • Buckle our Seat Belt
  • Say Thank You
  • Brush Our Teeth
  • Be Nice to Others
  • Lock Our Doors Before Bedtime
  • Do a Great Job at Work
  • Blah, blah, blah

But, ask us to think about our personal vision statement, and you might as well ask us if we can grow a money tree.

Why is that?  Am I missing something?