Apple has never (ever) disappointed. Ever.

iPhone screen shot of Apple logo
Apple has never (ever) disappointed. Ever.


Figuring the worst is a natural first reaction. Some of us stop there. Human nature. Socially acceptable.

Yet others (a rare minority) immediately search for the very best outcome and realize it could be even better than it is possible to imagine.

Immediately called Apple Care and scheduled the first available Genius Bar appointment to have the glass cover replaced ($79 under warranty).

Apple Store at Mall of Millenia was out of covers, therefor rendering an immediate repair impossible.

So they simply replaced the entire phone, no questions, no hesitation.

Apple has never (ever) disappointed. Ever.

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Half My Life

Tonight my wife and I will attend our company’s service awards banquet at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  We’ve each achieved 25 years of service with our company.

Many Central Florida companies utilize Disney World’s fabulous facilities to host their events. Our company is no exception.  Plus, we live a stone’s throw from Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  That’s just cool, if you ask me.

Anyway, we’ve lived in Central Florida, permanently, since 1984.  I spent the better portion of 1982 working here, then left to pursue a dream of riding a bicycle across the United States (that’s a tale for another time).

While social media is THE way for the future, many organizations are currently figuring it out.  So if anything here seems vague, please know it’s on purpose.

What is so exciting though is the realization that we have both devoted our lives, half our lives actually, to the same great company.

It’s one of those milestones that we’ve never reached before.  And having now reached it, it is almost too cool to comprehend.  (gulp) All modesty aside, we are both very good at what we do – how could you not be after 25 years?  That’s also a milestone, becoming a true professional in your field.

I hope our son (9) will have the joy in his career that we are feeling.

Oh, and one more thing, I hope you do too.